Great Antispy 2012 virus help – how to get rid of fake GreatAntispy

Great Antispy 2012 is a fake program that intimates to be a legitimate spyware removal software to help you clean your PC but in fact it is a harmful threat. It is a rogue virus created by hackers to steal your money. This bogus program is distributed through infected websites that use Trojans to install “Great Antispy 2012″ malware into a computer. Once this virus has got into a computer, it will act like a real protection tool, it will display bunch of fake alerts and warnings on infected system stating that Great Antispy 2012 has detected numerous dangerous malwares on computer that must be removed. Its non-stop popup alerts will force user to buy the licensed version of Great Antispy 2012 software to get rid of detected viruses. Please do not fall for this fake campaign, never buy Great Antispy 2012 as it is a fake program that cannot remove or find malwares in a computer. It is designed to trick people into buying useless security softwares that benefit hackers. Its recommended to run a powerful anti-malware program to remove Great Antispy 2012 from infected PC.
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Auto Removal

To remove this virus Automatically, We suggest following tools:

Malware Bytes Anti-Malware (Download)

HitMan Pro Anti-Malware (Download)