Low disk space error message windows 7 & xp – how to fix

Low disk space warning is a windows notification balloon that pops up in the right bottom corner of your desktop screen, just exactly in the Notification area. This alert or low disk space error is shown when your hard drive or any other partition is running out of memory. Suppose you have a 10 GB C drive and you have used more then 9 Gb of it, at this point windows will start notifying you of low disk space on hard drive. This is not a problem but it is usually fixed by removing some data which is not important. But there are some HDD or Hard disk drive viruses that cause display hard disk fake errors. These malwares also display low-disk-space error to bother users. As the virus displays fake alert, it may display this error when you have enough free space on your drive. In this situation you have to disable the windows low disk space notifications system to stop this alert. Below is a very simple method that will help you stop low disk space error message in windows 7 or windows xp and windows vista.
low disk space error message virus windows 7 xp vista Low disk space error message windows 7 & xp   how to fix

Open windows registry editing tool regedit.
To open registry editor, go to Start menu, Run, type REGEDIT and hit enter.
Now expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER and find the location below
Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Policies > Explorer,

at this location, set the value of NoLowDiskSpaceChecks to DWORD = 1.

You are done. just logoff or restart your system for changes to take effect.