Malex Trojan – how to get rid of Malex virus FBI PC lock

Malex Trojan is a nasty thing that will put a lock on your computer and it will make it impossible for you to use your computer or access anything on your system. The reason it tells for locking down your PC is that you are caught breaking some copyright laws like viewing child pornography or downloading or even distributing some music tracks illegally. Now you,ll be asked to pay the penalty to get your PC unlocked. Please do not trust “Malex Trojan”, it is a fake ransomware that just wants to steal your money.
malex trojan fake fbi warning pc lock 300x250 Malex Trojan   how to get rid of Malex virus FBI PC lock

Malex Trojan is downloaded to a computer through infected websites that drop this Trojan into a computer which is security vulnerable. After getting in to a system, Malex will lock your computer, it will display a warning message which is supposed to be from FBI. It will say that your PC is locked due to some illegal activities like pirated music download or viewing pornography. You will be asked to pay a fine of $200. That is the main target of this program. All it wants is your money. Although this message may look scary to you, but do not panic, do not trust Malex Trojan and its warnings. All you have to do is to get rid of Malex Trojan instead of paying a fine to it to get your PC unlocked. Run your computer into safe mode and scan with an anti-malware program to fix this problem.

Auto Removal

To remove this virus Automatically, We suggest following tools:

Malware Bytes Anti-Malware (Download)

HitMan Pro Anti-Malware (Download)