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Internet has changed human life. The world is closer than never before as with a single click, anyone can access the required information across the entire globe. It won’t be wrong to say that the 21st century belongs to internet. Since computers have been ruling human lives through every aspect of life, use of internet has not only brought humans closer to each other but it is said that internet has also broadened human life horizon. More & more people are starting use of internet in their day to day lives. The essence of internet is the network connectivity of computers spread over a distance. However, sharing of information, data transfer carries risk. Unauthorized access, loss of data may result into failure of network to protect the secured information. Network security plays big role as shield to protect the data while transfer over internet, computer network.

Computer network enables two or more computers share information, transfer data. Essentially, in technical language, Computers communicate with each other through network.  The basic idea of networks is allow people remote access to geographically distant resources without having to be physically present. It has also been designed to send data back and forth, to stay connected.

The purpose of network security, quite simply, is to protect the network and its component parts from unauthorized access and misuse. Networks are vulnerable because of their inherent characteristic of facilitating remote access. Internet hacking is accessing a secure computer system by disabling or bypassing the security through internet. With use of advanced programs run over internet, hacking can not only destroy the data on a system but it may also involve some of the crimes involving, unauthorized money transaction from bank account through online mode, sharing of personal information in unauthorized way. Hackers or internet programmers steal data or destroy data, or use the system to hide their tracks as they hack into a different system. For example, if a hacker wanted to access a computer not on a network, physical access would be vital. However, with networks in the picture, it is possible to bypass that particular security aspect. Therefore, it is vital for any network administrator, regardless of the size and type of network, to implement stringent security policies to prevent potential losses.

Whenever the word network security appears, it appears in conjunction with another popular buzzword “Ethical hacking”.  The word “ethical” has special meaning as ethical hacking is very closely related to network security & is simply the use of programming skills to determine vulnerabilities in computer systems. Performed by special computer programming experts or hackers, it is very vital for the computers connected over network. With increasing use of the Internet and concerns about its security, especially when it comes to things like consumer information or private medical details, there is considerable need for computer experts to work in ethical hacking. Since vulnerability of computer network to hacking through internet is cause of concern, ethical hackers are in great demand. There are many ethical hacking tutorials available with which one can learn the ways of detecting the loopholes in cyber security.

E-mail is largely used service of internet. People use e-mail to communicate, share ideas & information, personal data, music & almost anything. E-mail has made human life much easier as far as communication is concerned. Suppose you go office one day & try to login into your e-mail account to find your e-mail account hacked. Those unsolicited e-mails, cracked inbox exposing your personal secret information & details, what will e your reaction? Many of us have heard complaints about having email account hacked. Or it may have happened to even your own email account. The truth is that hacking Gmail, yahoo messenger accounts or any other kind of email provider account has become quite a problem for users. With so many software’s & email password hacking tricks in place, hacking any email account is no more the realm of experts.

Thanks to the widespread use of the internet, any hacker can learn the required tricks to master the art of hacking yahoo ids or hotmail email password hacking. He only needs to make a basic search with keywords like hacking yahoo passwords, msn messenger hacking tools, msn hacking programs, hacking yahoo mail, hotmail hacking programs, hacking yahoo email or even something as simple as hotmail hacking guide.

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Password hacker is a trend, a programmed way or methodology of working of computer programming geeks. Hacking is not new, but its ways of operating through use of hacking tips have many implications of the way internet is used. Today, ethical hacking brings in the valuable information about finding the loopholes in one’s network system & at the same time unethical yahoo password hacking practices often lead to loss of one’s identity, privacy over the internet.