Polisen virus removal. how to fix Polisen computer lock scam

Polisen virus is a fake program that says polisen enheten för databrott. It means It is a Police unite for CyberCrimes. But, it is a fake program. This program targets users in Sweden but it may spread and infect computer users outside of Sweden too. It claims to be a Swedish police department dealing with cyber crime but in fact it is a scamware that wants to steal your money. polisen virus or polisen virus will enter in a compute without user permission and even without user knowledge. Once it has made its place in machine, it will completely lock the system down. User will be unable to do anything on his machine. A scary warning message will be displayed on screen saying polisen virus has found this system involved in violating copyright laws. I.e your PC has been detected for viewinga nd distributing pornographics. So, your PC has been locked by polisen program, now you must pay 100 EURO fine in order to get your PC unlocked. User will also be told by polisen virus that id he dose not pay the penalty within 72 hours, he will be arrested and sent to jail. polisen malware computer lock is also known as Ukash virus or Paysafecard malware as it asks you to send money using these payment processors.
polisen virus enheten databrott computer lock scam malware ukash paysafecard Polisen virus removal. how to fix Polisen computer lock scam

PLEASE! be very very careful if you see polisen virus warnings on your screen. Do not pay for this program to unlock your computer. It is a scam hoax that puts a fake lock on computer system and then claims to be a real police. It is nothing but a virus itself. You are highly recommended to install a legitimate anti-malware tool from below and scan your computer to get rid of polisen virus computer lock malware. Remember, do not pay fine to polisen virus.

polisen virus removal tools

To remove this virus Automatically, We suggest following softwares:

Malware Bytes Anti-Malwar

HitMan Pro Anti-Malware

Super Anti-Spyware (Free)

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