Smart Repair virus – how to get rid of fake SmartRepair manually

Need help to uninstall Smart Repair virus? Read the step by step manual removal instructions below to delete Smart Repair malware or download a powerful anti-malware software to get rid of this fake program.
What is Smart Repair:
It is just a fake rogue malware pretending to be a legitimate virus removal software. It comes from rogue virus family which is designed and distributed by scammers to extort your money. Once your computer is infected with a fake program like Smart Repair, you,ll be told that your computer is in danger of virus threats. Smart Repair will display scary alerts on your screen telling you that it has found numerous malwares like keyloggers, trojans and some firewall problems with your PC, you must remove these badwares to protect your system from damages. You should ignore such creepy and fake alerts and warnings as they do not concern your system, these false reports and alerts are displayed to scare you of viruses and trick you into buying the full version of Smart Repair. You,ll be asked to pay the registration fee for its pro version to get rid of the viruses found on your computer. Please remember, Smart Repair is totally a useless software which can not help you remove viruses. It is a scamware virus that ruins your system and tries its best to swindle your money away.
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Please Remember that SmartRepair is a harmful threat that may steal your private information like credit cards and logins. It may overwrite your important system files with its maliciously encoded programs. Smart Repair virus may also disable your access to useful windows functions and tools. i.e it may disable your registry editing tools and windows task manager. We highly recommend you to remove the fake SmartRepair from your machine as soon as possible instead of buying it. Smart Repair also has a clone of it appearing as Smart HDD virus.

How to remove Smart Repair virus manually:

To remove this virus manually, complete the following set of tasks. Do not forget to create a backup before getting started to the manual removal guide.
To prform manual removal steps, you may need to learn,
How to delete registry entries

Delete Smart Repair Registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “(random letters).exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “(random letters)”

Delete Smart Repair files and directories:
%Documents and Settings%\[User_Name]\Start Menu\Programs\Smart HDD\Uninstall Smart HDD.lnk
%Documents and Settings%\[User_Name]\Start Menu\Programs\Smart HDD
%Temp%\(random letters)
%Temp%\(random letters).dll
%Documents and Settings%\[User_Name]\Desktop\Smart HDD.lnk

Auto Removal

To remove this virus Automatically, We suggest following tools:

Malware Bytes Anti-Malware (Download)

HitMan Pro Anti-Malware (Download)

HitMan Pro Anti-Malware (Download)