PUM.Hijack.StartMenu virus removal tool. how to fix malware

What is PUM.Hijack.StartMenu virus:
PUM.Hijack.StartMenu is a malicious application which infects computers through Teojan.Agent.Gen. There malwares can use several different ways to enter into a machine. But mostly they come from viruses left behind that help these malwares to get downloaded and installed. Even if you think your system is clean, some of nasty Trojans might be lurking there that can invite PUM.Hijack.StartMenu virus. Once this bug has accessed your machine, it will modify windows registry data to ad a key that will help it launch automatically on system reboot. PUM.Hijack.StartMenu malware may also use Win32/TrojanDownloader.FakeAlert and Exploit:Win32/Pdfjsc for its malicious activities.

Main symptoms of infection:
When PUM.Hijack.StartMenu infects a machine, it puts some bad effectson it. i.e

  • Hijacked browser, Redirected search results. You may get redirected to wrong websites when searching on Google, Yahoo! or Bing
  • Computer running with a very slow speed
  • unwanted and annoying popup advertisements
  • Please keep in your mind, PUM.Hijack.StartMenu is dangerous threat for your machine as it will affect system performance. It may try to sell fake products. It can steal your private data and pass the information to remote server owned by hackers. It is highly recommended to scan the infected PC with a powerful anti-malware program.

    PUM.Hijack.StartMenu virus removal tool

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