SpyEye virus – how to get rid of trojan EyeSpy manually

SpyEye which is also known as EyeSpy is a Trojan horse just like Zeus Trojan. SpyEye is spread with the help of malicious domains that display flash player and fake video Codec updates so when a user tries to install the updates, SpyEye virus is dropped to his PC. Once it has infected your computer, it will drop its executable files at different locations in your system, mostly it uses a sub-folder in the C:/ drive and the folder is named same as the executable file. SpyEye will try to hid its installation folders and processes from detection to protect itself, then it will start collecting private information from your machine.

SpyEye is used to collect information from your computer. It uses additional components to do this job such as a keylogger to record your key strokes, a credit card grabber tool to grab your credit card information, a password revealer and login detector to swap your logins and passwords, proxy components and information uploader to send the collected data to the remote control server. SpyEye also records videos of user activity and sends to the scammers.

You might be thinking why SpyEye is used to collect so much information from your computer. Well, scammers spread this malware to collect your private information for several purposes like stealing your money, displaying spam advertisements according to your interests, selling fake scamware products to you, infecting websites, getting into your accounts etc. So, SpyEye is a dangerous trojan that must be removed. Its recommended to have an updated Anti-Malware software to protect your machine from SpyEye.

How to remove SpyEye virus manually:

To remove this virus manually, complete the following set of tasks. Do not forget to create a backup before getting started to the manual removal guide.
To prform manual removal steps, you may need to learn,
How to stop a proccess
How to delete registry entries

Stop SpyEye processes:

Delete SpyEye Registry Entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run syscheckrt.exe

Delete SpyEye files:
Typical locations %ExecutableName%\ %ExecutableName%.exe

Auto Removal

To remove this virus Automatically, We suggest following tools:

Malware Bytes Anti-Malware (Download)

HitMan Pro Anti-Malware (Download)